September 11th, 2006

::office:: dynamic duo

Small Icon Post

Well seeing as I'm allowing myself to procrastinate this weekend as a sorta last hurrah (and I still have 11 minutes) before my productive week waiting for Office DVDs to arrive, I made just a few icons of the ever gorgeous Reese Witherspoon and some Jim/Pam-ness.

[10] Reese Witherspoon
[15] The Office 
9.   13.    21.

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Other bear dancing

fat halpert

What's the episode where Michael does the Fat Albert impersonation to Jim? ("Hey hey hey, it's Fat Halpert!" or similar.) I just flipped past Fat Albert on HBO and now I want to watch that episode.

As a side note, I love all of Michael's little play-on-words nicknames. Jim Bag and Pama-lama-ding-dong are two of my all-time favorites.