September 16th, 2006

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i'm not sure if this is allowed or not but i read over the rules and it seems okay! then again, i'm slightly delirious and about to pass out so i could have missed it.

anyway, i just created mifflinquotes soley for the purpose of posting office quotes. join if you'd like, i just know i love quoting stuff constantly and a place to do it is always great!


In your opinion, what's the best episode to show someone who's never watched the show before, or someone who has but didn't think it was that funny or impressive?

Entertainment Weekly

Hello All. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Anyway, I got my Entertainment Weekly in the mail today and to my joy, the "Must Watch of the Week" is The Office season premiere. There is a large picture of Jim and Pam from "The Fire" and below it states-

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does anyone know where to find the piano sheet music for the theme song? i've only found the first few bars, which doesn't really help, because i'd already figured that much out on my own. anyway. help is appreciated!