September 17th, 2006


Jumping the shark

With all the success of the show, do you feel that it might tread into typical sitcomdom? I mean, with huge guest stars and Jim/Pam becoming the new Ross/Rachel?

I'd really hate to think of Jim/Pam becoming like that. It's an old adage of television writing to 'put them together, pull them apart' to keep viewers watching, and I understand that, but I hate to see the relationship made into a soap opera like thing.

The guest stars we have upcoming aren't huge, unlike Will and Grace's name-dropping fests. Which is quite reassuring. I don't WANT to see somebody like .. Christina Applegate as 'Pam's best friend from high school'..

NBC clearly loves and supports the show and its fans.. how do you think the growing popularity will affect it? Will they jump the shark?

Also, I created a community for answering random questions about the show. Like if somebody wants to know how old Pam is. office_question.. so maybe you'll find that interesting and useful.

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Two questions for you all, and they're both supporting-cast related.

First, on the season one DVD cover, the whiteboard in the background has the names Phyllis, Andy, Roger and Michelle. Now we obviously know Phyllis, but does anyone know who the others are supposed to be?

And secondly, WHO is your favourite supporting actor and why? My love is tied between Angela and Creed. Angela because of her wonderfully outrageous reactions (Asking why Pam was sabotaging things when she bought brownies, crying when the plans for the Christmas party changed without her consent, smashing the Christmas ornaments. All awesome.) and Creed, just for everything about him (Is somebody making soup? Which one is Pam? I've never owned a fridge before.)

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I think it's painfully obvious that I love the "what's your favourite" posts, so here's another one! What's your favourite "little" Jim/Pam moment. So that would exclude the "big" moments like the kisses, the booze cruise scene, etc. My favourite "little" moment is in The Carpet, where Jim feels kind of ignored and isolated all day long, like Pam has barely noticed him, and then he checks his voicemail and he has 7 messages from her. It's just so sweet.

blood on the dancefloor

In Halloween, Pam says that if Jim ever leaves, she'd blow her brains out.

So, if, say, Jim goes to Stamford (I haven't read THE SPOILERS SO PLEASE don't mention them, especially the spoilers that were just posted yesterday on this community.) does that mean PAM IS GOING TO DIE????

New possibility!! Not that I think it will happen, but... lets keep our options open. That would really make this show... unfunny.
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I know this is going to seem like one of those entries like "What kind of deodorant do you think Jim uses?!", but I was wondering if Jim knows about Dwight and Angela. I know Pam kind of clued him in, but does he know? I figured it would probably be more apparent to someone here than to me.
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leslie on scrubs

not sure if anyone's ever mentioned it but...

i was watching scrubs (episode 220 "my interpretation") and leslie david baker showed up as one of the patients. he just had one line, but it was still cool. he was all...not stanley-like. heh.
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Okay you guys i have a couple things to say.

First off, i was watching family guy and i died when someone said that's what she said. But anyway...

I've been watching the 2nd season DVD and when I saw it all in a row i realized a lot of random things. I had always noticed the parallels of what peole were talking about and other things, but i really didn't notice how often it happened 'til i watshed them all together. I'll explain cuz that sounded really confusing.

Like in the chirstmas ep. when pam was thinking about trading the ipod for the teapot, you can hear Roy and Daryll talking about how Daryll traded a good player in what i assume is fantasy football (i'm not into football so i wouldn't know), but Daryll was saying how it was the right choice or something... Well that totally reminded me of the teapot ipod thing. I just noticed that one.

Theres other ones too like michael talking about the hero getting the girl in casino night really relating to JIm. And JIm talking about why does dwight do the things he does for micheal also relating to him and Pam.

I know there are others i can't think of at the moment, but i just thought i'd talk about these... Can you guys think of any other things like this?

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Aside from Jim/Pam, who is your favourite couple? Ryan/Kelly? Jan/Michael? Carol/Michael? etc. Mine is not actually a couple, but they've dropped lots of hints about the attraction between them - Roy and Angela. Like in The Fire, when Roy says he would do Angela, in The Secret, Angela said she would pick Roy over Jim, and it came out in a webisode that she has a crush on him. I just think it would be the most hilarious pairing.

Also, what does Jim say in booze cruise after Michael does his "king of the world" blah, Jim taps his watch and mouthes something, but I can't make out what it is.