September 25th, 2006

i-Tunes Season Three Deal

FYI- Season 3 of the Office is available as a 'season pass' show meaning you can get it to be automatically downloaded to your iTunes each time it is updated. It's a deal in that it costs $29.99, but you get 22 or 24 episodes (depending on season length), instead of fifteen. If you are like me and know you are going to download all the episodes anyways, it's worth it.
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icon posts are no longer allowed in this community

Happy Monday everyone :)

For those of you that missed Saturday’s poll, and won’t scroll back and read their entire friends list before posting, please at least read rule #5 on the userinfo page for this community.

This will be the last post I put up in the community about this. However, please keep in mind that there are many people who create icons, but do not read this community so they will not know about this new rule. When they post, if I don’t notify them and remove their post right away, please be nice to them. Don’t just comment in their entry saying that it isn’t allowed. People spend hours sometimes creating these icons for us and they don’t need the first 10 emails they receive screaming “not allowed!, etc.” Thank you :)

Feel free to comment about this subject here and continue to enjoy icon posts at theoffice_icons. Thank you :)

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my dad told me he saw a commercial for The Convention, and I looked but haven't seen it posted here. does anyone have a link or something? sorry if it has been posted already.

That one episode...

Hi. This is my first time posting, and I was hoping someone could help me...

Does anyone remember the name/number of the episode where they're going over the office complaints? If this doesn't belong here, than I'm sorry. But, thanks in advance.

EDIT: Thanks much!
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Hey all!

This may already have been discovered, but the NBC site has some sweet deleted scenes from "Gay Witch Hunt" that explain a few things I (and I am sure others) have been pondering:

When you go to the actual Deleted Scenes section of the site, it doesn't seem to work, and for some reason, the caption underneath the title is the one from a deleted scene from "Boose Cruise!
(There's a rock star in their midst...and it's not Michael.)


ADDED 9:25 pm: When you click on the link, you don't need to go searching for the video, it will start playing after the commercial automatically.

Magazine appearances

Question: Is there a webpage somewhere that has a list of all the magazine articles, photos, ads, etc. about the Office, preferably one that is updated as soon as they're found? I always see some great photo that someone has posted from People or Entertainment Weekly, but it's weeks after the magazine was on the shelves. I'd really like to go out and buy them when they're available.