September 26th, 2006

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John on Conan

I'm sure most of you have already seen John's interview on Conan from September 21st via YouTube (which has sadly since been removed, due to NBC's nazi-ish policies regarding that website), but just in case you haven't -- and even if you have -- I've got the HD-quality .avi torrent rip of it uploaded for you all to enjoy.

You can find the download link at the lastest entry at my personal journal.  I'd link you to the entry directly, but there are very spoilery thoughts/comments on the Season Three premiere of Veronica Mars, so I thought it best not to.

Enjoy!  It's totally worth the download -- what a great interview. :)
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A Office Dream

I had a dream last night that they merged the Standford and Scranton offices and Pam and Jim were together, but I couldn't help myself and was flirting with Jim. He was being nice, but Pam was giving me a death glare.LOL. It was weird.


Mailing address?

I know we have addresses for Angela and Jenna's fanmail, but do we have one for The Office in general? Like usually a television show will have a studio address and you can send stuff there c/o.

Sorry if this has been posted recently. I checked the tags, but didn't see anything.

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Ok, I was looking through my own office pic spam, and I noticed... SHOCK HORROR that Toby never has a talking head.

Am I wrong? Please tell me I'm wrong.

And if I'm wrong, could you possibly tell me where/when?

Because he has the one with the poster in Christmas Party, but does that count as a proper talking head? I didn't think they count because it's at his table, and Michael's the only one who has talking heads at his table.

"my shaolin temple style defeats your monkey style!"

Conflict Resolution has come to be one of my favorite episodes of the Office. So I was pleasantly surprised to see a bulletin board in my school about....wait for it....Conflict....let me finish.....Resolution!

Don't think I'm not making a "5 Styles of Conflict Resolution" flyer to staple to the board. It's got quotes and everything.

Any ideas?
weeping angel

Hi, I'm new here.

Hello everyone.  

I just wanted to say "hi" & sort of introduce myself (before I posted on the "does Jim know Pam didn't get married" thread) & say I'm so excited to find people who are as in love with The Office as I am.  No one I know irl can truly understand the beauty that is this show, though my boyfriend does try.  But Michael's antics make his blood pressure rise too much.  :-)

Anyway, I'm Jen, I live in Northwest PA, which is the opposite corner of the state, but still, it's PA.  :-)  I've been a fan since last season, I love JAM, etc.  Oh, & if I'm using an icon you made & have not credited you, I apologize, but when I first joined LJ I was such a n00b I had no idea about crediting, & have forgotten who made some of the icons. 
*hangs head in shame*  But I won't make that mistake anymore (that's what she said...or he said...)