September 27th, 2006


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Quick question. I looked through memories and screencap sites and couldn't find it.

Anyone have the picture from the deleted scene where Jim holds up the yellow pad with a stick figure (JIM) on it? Thanks a million.

And anyone know a good site in general that has the deleted scenes all capped? Thanks.

Dwight Bobblehead question.

Has anyone ordered the Dwight Bobblehead from the NBC store recently? If so, how long did it take for you to receive it?

I'm planning to order one for my friend's birthday and I want to make sure if I go through the NBC store (rather than ebay), I'll get it before his birthday.

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One more day! yay!
It's kinda sad, but I've been waiting anxiously for the next episode/rest of the season. I want Jim/Pam together so bad and I really want to see what happens with Angela and Dwight and Kelly and Ryan. 

What's been your strangest Dunder Mifflin dream (if you've had any)?

Mine: Dwight was standing in the middle of one of my classes with his paintball gun. It was really wierd. All he did was stand there, it was so strange, because after like 5 minutes of that it went to me resting my head on Jim's shoulder. It was really wierd.
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Desert Island

Let's play Desert Island! Top 5 episodes of The Office you would bring with you...

Mine are (in no particular order):
1. The Dundies
2. Ofifice Olympics
3. The Injury
4. The Pilot
5. Email Surveillance
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Last Week's Today Show Appearance

I didn't see this anywhere, and if it's already been mentioned I'm going to feel like a dork. I was rewatching their interview just now and had an observation.

Did anyone notice when they were hanging out in the security area - John grabs a picture and asks Jenna if she drew it, then says something else about it and starts to walk away and then says "I love you." And she kinda laughs. I just thought it was funny...Maybe they were just trying to throw us a bone, but it was cute.