October 2nd, 2006

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Feel free to delete if this isn't appropriate. (I assumed it would be okay since it's a wallpaper, but hey. Rules are rules.)

Wallpaper and matching icons can be found here.
(And don't worry, you 1280x800 users, I've got you covered.)
BBC Sherlock

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I'm looking for a screencap. It is during the episode of Dwight's speech, and they are practicing toasts. TOby recommends going to amsterdam but Michael makes him do a toast, so he raises his hand and says "To Amsterdam!"

If anyone has a screencap, that would be awesome. I checked the caps from office_caps, but that doesn't have the shot of him with his arm raised.

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so i'm looking at this week's new prints at threadless.com, and i come across this one which immediately reminded me of hateball. they used the desk calendar to keep track of the scores and stuff. heh. just a random thought.

they also picked the winners for their little miss sunshine competition, if you look at the main page.

Rashida Jones on the cover of 02318

Rashida Jones of the Office is on the cover of the new magazine 02318, posing for an article about Harvard alumni (didn't know she went to Harvard!) Anyways, she only had a small blurb in it :

"The television actress Rashida Jones (Class of 1997) doesn’t quite make this list, but no doubt endeared herself to the editors by agreeing to appear on the cover wearing a suit jacket and tie but no shirt."

"The list" meaning other outstanding Harvard alumni like Natalie Portman or Matt Damon.

Here's the pic, and link to the whole article:


ten things you don't know about women.

i am apologizing in advance if this has been posted before but i didn't see it so i'm taking a shot.

okay, so, i was on youtube looking to see if there were any new office videos when i found this. it's the cast and crew of the office reading jenna fischer's article from esquire magazine, "ten things you don't know about women." the quality's kinda bad, but i was amused for a few minutes.

and, i know it's been done before but Collapse )
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