October 4th, 2006

hey mister can we have our ball back?

i know people post things like this all the time, but...

okay,   last night i had my first office-related dream.  

it was weird.  it took place during "casino night" in front of the warehouse.   instead of jim saying "i'm in love with you",  they started slow dancing.   and then they started doing cartwheels.  and then it turned into somewhat of a dance-off!     and then instead of jim saying "i'm in love with you", he says  "do you want to go somewhere private?"   pam said "okay".    they both started to walk off together and the documentary crew ran  off to follow them.  and then i woke up.  

like i said, very weird.  no, i don't think this means that the documentary crew are sleazy pervs, but they are in my dream, i guess.  if anything, they were stunned.  like "OMFG THE PLOT THICKENS. THIS WILL MAKE GREAT TV!"  

anyway,  i just wanted to share.   that is all.   :  ]