October 7th, 2006

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First post :o)

Hi, I'm Michelle & I'm a pretty big fan of the show. I just got into it like this summer (thanks to my bff mrsjcatalano who basically talks about it non-stop) & have been watching (& loving) the show so far this season.

However, a tragedy has occurred.

This week, I was running late for work when I realized I hadn't set my tapes for Grey's Anatomy or The Office. I asked my mom to tape the shows for me, & she said she would. I got home at 9:30 & since Grey's Anatomy was still showing on TV, I went to watch The Office in the meantime so that I wouldn't be walking into Grey's halfway through & not know wtf was going on. When I rewound the tape, I saw to my horror that my mother had not set the VCR correctly & therefore had not taped EITHER show! I flipped out a little & immediately went to work to try & solve the Grey's crisis (& I did, thank God), but none of my friends who live near me (I'm on Long Island & mrsjcatalano lives in Maine) watch The Office, let alone tape it.

What I want to know is this: Where can I view the last episode of the show? NBC.com only has a two-minute replay & this is OBVIOUSLY not enough. I don't have a good internet connection at my home, so I have to come to the library with supplies (aka headphones) to watch my shows, & even then I basically only have time to watch the shows & leave. Since I am not search-engine savvy, I don't know if I should even ATTEMPT YouTube.

Can anyone provide a link for me?!! I'd be eternally in your debt. :o)


Since all of us are HUGE fans of the show, any The Office-related namesakes... or how about stuff from The Office that you actually use iRL?

Im going to start the ball rolling.

That's what she said pawns everything.
I think Imma use Hug it out, Bitch now.
I have a World's Best Boss mug. (Even though Im not a boss)
I say 'incalcucable' and 'who knows it's nebulose'.
My imaginary friend's name is Dwight.
Whenever I see hand sanitizers I immediately think of Meredith.
I now call starbucks 'The Bucks'.Thanks to Michael.
I definitely say TMI and "Shut... it" (my classmates, monkey who dont watch the Office, are repeating the line shut it each time I say it just to annoy me. X_x)
I am now accustomed to doing the neck thing that Michael does when he's about to leave. The looks up, then looks at the side, then looks at you, then goes away thing. Bwahaha. XD So funn.

Uhh.. I know I have more. XD

Oh. And since I dont want to double post, I have 4 Friends Only Banners. All under the cut. :)
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sorry if this is not allowed, but i'd like to know what you guys think is your favorite scene/episode of the office ever.

one of my top favorite scenes is definitely when dwight goes to buy a purse in the conference room and jim and pam decide to role-play the situation between dwight and katy.
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Question about "V-Day" and "Fight", and maybe even "Boys and Girls"

In "The Fight", Jim says that Albany is working through lunch to avoid downsizing. Now, IIRC, we learned in "Valentine's Day" that the Regional Manager of Albany is Craig ("Craiggers"). Does he really seem like the type of guy who would make his people work through lunch? Does he even care?

Also, on NBC's webpage for Dunder Mifflin, it lists the areas Dunder Mifflin offices are located. Didn't there use to be one in Pittsfield? And where was it that the place was turned into a breastfeeding room?