October 8th, 2006

3 Wallpapers

The promo pictures inspired me to do some more wallpapers, I'm working on doing one for each member of the cast so more should be coming. Here are the ones for Dwight, Jim, and Pam.

These took me awhile, so comments are appreciated.

Character's favorite/least favorite episode

New to the community and have what I hope to be an interesting question.

What you do think would be Michael's/Dwight's/Jim's/Pam's, etc. favorite or least favorite episode of "The Office". For example, I really don't think Michael would like the episode "The Injury" because he isn't exactly portrayed to be brillant boss that he is in that episode. Hope that makes sense...

(Spoilers for current episodes)
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get a call from dwight

I had a look through the tags and couldn't find an entry about this but if someone has already posted please feel free to delete.

I'm not sure how long this site has been up for but I found a link via one of the columnist blogs on TVGuide.com. It's a Season 2 DVD promo for 'The Office' but it has some extra deleted scenes as well as a feature where you can get a 'call' from Dwight. There are a few recorded messages that you can choose from and at the end you (apparently) receive a code to access some of the locked deleted scenes on the site.

Go here to check it out.

On a side note does anyone have the codes to see the locked deleted scenes? I don't live in the US so I'm unable to get a call.
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I have a similar question to the one below...
How do people make those fancy clip montages like on YouTube.
Is it just a program that lets you cut the episodes apart?

I wanted to make one for a presentation I'm doing, but I have no idea how.
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so i work at starbucks. and we have a sign that we keep by our espresso machines on which we the write drink recommendations from the various people that work there.

only we don't put our OWN barista recommendations. we do CELEBRITY barista recommendations. we've had ron burgundy, darth vader and david hasselhoff, to name a few.

and tonight, i redid it with a brand new celebrity: Collapse )

my boss called me a nerd. but i had way too much fun making this.


If any of you are like me -- stuck working every Thursday night and not cool enough to own a VCR or TiVo -- PamPong has screencaps, transcripts, and/or whole iFilm episodes (without commercials!) to watch. Hooray! I'm caught up now!