October 10th, 2006


ANOTHER Office Dream ::sigh::

So the other night I had a dream that I was screen testing to be on The Office. I was doing my screen test with the actors from the show. I didn't do too well the first few times. Then Jenna Fischer says "Come on Stephanie, I know you can do better. I want you to get the part." Haha. That made me really happy. It was...weird. Anyway, for some reason I was competing with Jenny McCarthy for the part. YEAH, I KNOW. So random. During her tests she was just being completely ridiculous (so in other words, HERSELF) and it just wasn't working. I, however, started doing a lot better thanks to Jenna's encouragement. They just kept having us do the same couple scenes over and over again. I don't really remember the rest of the dream, but I think I might've gotten the part. ;)

I just felt that I had to share that since it was really different from other Office dreams that I've had.
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Angela's Giveaway

(For those who didn't know.) Recently, Angela had a giveway on her myspace page.  The rules of the giveaway, which were props from The Office were that you had to comment to her blog, which included a list of the props, telling her which item you wanted.  You had to be the first to ask for that item.  Simple, sure but in her last blog she had mentioned that a giveaway would be coming the following day so that meant everyone would be monitoring her myspace waiting for the blog.  Well, after 30 minutes of constant refreshing, I saw the blog go up and I did a quick scan and ask for item No. 1 which happened to be Kevin's musical tie from the Christmas episode signed by Kevin (Brian) himself.  Well, I won.  I received the item yesterday with a note from Angela written on a Dunder Mifflin Customer Phone Order form.  I took pics of the tie but my camera might be broken.  I will share once I fix it.

Don't mind the date stamp at the top.  I had it mailed to my job and the morons stamped it.  

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Sound bites?

Question. Does anyone know where I can find some sound bites from The Office? I really want to add them to my computer's sound scheme but I have no clue where to look. I've already checked the tags and Dunderball.com but they don't have much. Thanks in advance.
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