October 13th, 2006


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Ok, so I want to make a music video of The Office. The problem is that I can't find clips from Seasons 1 and 2 to use. I've tried them on iTunes (since I'd already downloaded all of Season 1), and I can't seem to make it work (I'm using Windows MovieMaker, in case that helps). Could anyone out there either give me a site that has these clips or let me know how to use them on iTunes? Much thanks!

(I'd also like to know how to use songs from iTunes, but that's not directly related - if you know how, I'd love to know; if not, don't sweat it.)
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UGH LJ just erased my entire entry. I hate that. But anyways...

About a week ago I mentioned that I wrote a small blurb about the Office for our school paper, and somebody told me to post it. Disclaimer: I was looking over all of our pages literally the period before we were supposed to send the paper to the printer, and I realized the person assigned to write this did an injustice to the show (he mentioned Roy and Kevin, but no Jim or Pam). Well, as editor and an Office fan, I felt it was my duty to rewrite the blurb quickly. Quickly being the operative word there, this is definitely not the best written work I've ever produced.

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Also, a couple weeks ago in my English class we were assigned to write a poem in the style of the author we were studying at the time (Eavan Boland). Well, I had just finished watching GWH for the first time and was on my Office high. I realized that I hadn't written the poem, but wouldn't be able to focus on anything but the show for the entire night. Soooo I wrote about Jim and Pam (and then realized how sad my life really is lol). It's behind the cut if anybody's interested. 

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Two last things then I swear I'm done:
-Does anybody know where I could get a.) HD caps of The Coup or b.) caps from last night?
-OMG JENNA FISCHER IS MY HERO. She said on her recent blog that Shelley Long was her inspiration growing up. If there's any show/couple that I might like better than The Office/Jim and Pam, it's Cheers/Sam and Diane. I actually almost fell out of my seat when I read that. Also, how cool is she for putting On the Wings of Love on her myspace?
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Birthday Wishes

So, this is kind of random, but my one of my best friend's birthday is today and she is a huge office fan, so I made her this Jim Halpert inspired birthday card and thought maybe I would share it with you guys. Not the best work of art, but it was kind of a fun thing to do. (Could he get any cuter?)

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Crediting question

I've seen you guys posting some great caps and wallpapers and stuff as well as icons and other pictures. I've really enjoyed them, but I don't know the proper way to credit someone if I want to use them. Please help!


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Anybody else know about this?


Stumbled on it. Also, I work at my local PBS station, and we show this program called "Between the Lions" and at the end of every episode, there's a celebrity who talks about encouraging kids to read. Well, today's celebrity was Jon Stewart. I'm already excited, but just as he said something about reading encouraging kids to learn, the camera pulls back and Steve Carrell is sitting in a chair with Stephen Colbert on his lap and they're reading a kids book. It was amazing.
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Okay, so today i was at work in like a seniors building. and i was in this old guys bathroom and he had a cup that had DUNDEE on it. haha..., it was for a place or somthing, it said a whole lot more then dundee. but when i saw it.. i just had to laugh

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FULL theme sheet music.

so like i promised; here's an arrangement i ... well, arranged, that incorporates the main melody into the piano part. keep in mind, it's not written out perfectly (for some reason, the program i have won't let me join eigth-notes properly) and keep in mind the melody is played by an accordion (?) and guitars in the theme ... but anyway, it sounds kind of cool when you play it like this on the piano, so hopefully you guys like it!

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and here's a (not so awesome) bonus! me playing it! i screw up like ten times, and my bird makalu starts chirping in the middle of it. but it gives you a general idea of how my arrangement sounds. so.

ETA: in that fourth measure, the whole-note C in the base clef should be two half-notes. oops.