October 17th, 2006

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so i recently went to my great uncle's funeral (i know, sad, right?) & his son put on a slide show with pictures & stuff & as he was talking, he mentioned that my uncle's best friend lived in scranton & i was like, "ohmygodnoway!" (in my head- because, come on, it was a funeral.) and i giggled a little... & then after he was done, my aunt went up to .... play recorder. and that's when the giggles became really hard to control.

& anyway- besides my lame office story, i was wondering what episode it is that dwight says, "my name is kurt, not fart."
it's really bothering me that i can't remember

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For speech I am doing on humor I decided to use clips from the academy award winning comedy...naturally.

Anyway I've been finding examples for:
The incongruity theory suggests that humor arises when logic and familiarity are replaced by things that don't normally go together
The superiority theory comes into play when we laugh at jokes that focus on someone else's mistakes, stupidity or misfortune.
The relief theory - a build up of tension followed by relief. Reacting to stress by laughter.

I thought it might be fun/interesting to discuss.

Some I've come up with are:

For Incongruity:
-The Casino Night Opener, because you don't expect the coat rack to actually move.
-Pretty much anything Dwight says you aren't expecting.
-Stanley yelling at Ryan
-Also, "Jim's gone!...False, I do not miss him."

-All the pranks Jim pulls on Dwight
-Micheal's blunders. Such as in the Injury where he does a horrible job trying to make people appreciate disabilities and how he acts like a baby.
-"It's a fake wheel, dummy!"

Relief Theory:
-Dwight listening to "Everybody Hurts" We all know what it's like to be sad, so we laugh at it because it's not us for once. (Could also be Superiority)
-Micheal and the IT guy in the beginning of Email Surveillance
-When Micheal is saying really uncomfortable/inappropriate things [like he tends to do] and then someone else cracks a joke.
"I want to clamp Micheal's face in a George Foreman grill."
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in jim's yearbook, the guy listed before jim's last name is 'gophart'.

the 8-year-old in me laughed for about twelve minutes.

oh, and something else i never noticed before ... when pam is watching dwight and angela talking in the backyard at jim's barbeque, angela's saying something like 'i think it's alright. i mean, jesus drank wine.' as she drinks her red wine. which amused me. oh angela.