October 18th, 2006

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hihi :)

I just wanted to pop in and give a big "Hi!" to all my fellow Office fans. I have been without the internet for like 3 months and I just got it back, so I came here right away and started commenting like crazy :D Anywhoo, I'm glad to be back so I can finally talk about The Office with people :D :D :D

P.s. In case you were wondering, I still haven't got Johns autograph yet, but his mom told my friend that she still remembers me and said John is really busy but she will try to get it next time he comes to Boston. So I'll be sure to post a pic here when I get it. Yay :)
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(no subject)

First off, I don't know if this is allowed or not; I read the rules, and don't believe I overlooked anything, but if I did, definitely feel free to delete this post.

Anyway, I've been watching clips from The Office on YouTube over the past few months and have always found them mightily amusing, so last week on a bit of a whim, I bought the season two DVD set and fell entirely in love with the insane brilliance that is this show. :D Although Jim and Pam's gorgeous relationship is what initially got me interested in the show, the romance that wound up completely unexpectedly snagging my Office OTP spot was Michael and Jan's. They're so hysterical and bickery and, to paraphrase Melora Hardin, perfectly imperfect for each other.

From what I've observed, Jim/Pam is definitely the overpoweringly predominate ship within the fandom (and with good reason), but I was wondering if anyone else is into Michael/Jan. And, if so, feel utterly and completely free to check out and/or join michaelandjan, because it definitely needs more attention and more members would be awesome. :)

Thank you!

< / shippy ramble >
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A New Wave <3

Ok, so alot of you were inquiring about my icon but the answer is burried in the 90+ posts about the chips (I think is awesome that there are people here that are like that.yay.) so I thought I'd post here for those of you who were wondering.

I made the icon from a trailor for movie called "A New Wave". It's been about a year since the trailor came out so I'm not sure if it is going to be coming out at all. Too bad since I really want to see John in it (the hair, the cussing, ZOMG! <3). And, yes, John does cuss and yell in it. Which is kinda nice since we are all so used to see him play quiet, all-around good guy Jim Halpert.

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a little off topic

Okay, so, I have to write a research paper for my english class that has to be 3-4 pages and my teacher has asked that we don't write about something like abortion, or something that has been done a million times before. So, I was thinking about writing my paper on The Office (US) vs. The Office (UK). So, I was wondering if anyone had any idea on where I can find articles/information about either version (or maybe even episodes of the UK version). Thanks!

in what ep does this occur?

there is an ep, i believe it's season 2. could be 1. anyway, dwigt does the sneaky trick of tapping jim on his left shoulder while he is standing to his right so that jim looks over his left shoulder to see who is there. and no one is! 
anyway, my friend is in love with this second grade joke and i want to show him the scene. so does anyone know when it happened?

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John on Ellen

OK, so I just saw John on the Ellen show, and wasn't he just the most adorable? I wanted to see him dance, tho...

But here's what I had to go through to see this... I don't have television, so I had to find somewhere to go to watch it. I went to the gym to watch it on the TVs there. Got on the elliptical at 11 o'clock. Of course, John's segment didn't come on until 40 minutes into the program! So, I burned 420 calories for the priveledge of watching John in a 3 minutes interview!

John in InStyle

Hey Everyone! I was sitting at work flipping through my new (November Issue) InStyle and what did I run across...none other than John Krasinski. Page 310 under the What's Hot Now! Like we all didn't know that John is what is hot now!!! By the way, there is an adorable/hot picture as well.

(no subject)

Ok, so..I know this is a little late, but where have I seen Pam's date from The Convention before? I tried to find him on imdb.com but he's not on there ( i love that website but they are not consistent with guest stars. Like they list a convention worker but not Pam's date). So if someone could help me out that would be really great. You know that feeling!

P.S. I feel like he is a writer for something. Sorry, that might be totally random.