October 22nd, 2006

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I'm doing a project for english, part of it is that we had to pick two characters and one of my characters is Jim. I was wondering if anyone had any links to some Jim info things, that would help me when it comes to writing the paper.


p.s. i remember a while ago someone made chracter profiles with videos to go along with it. If anyone has a link to that or something, that would really help. Thanks again
Arrested Development [by me]

Halloween costumes

Okay, being fairly new to The Office, I don't know how many people have tried this, so bear with me. I am thinking of creating a Pam costume for myself this Halloween since everywhere I look are the same old things (pirates, Elvis, vampires, ghouls, food, football players, blah blah blah). Yes, this should be a pretty easy costume, but I like to think of it as a potential friend detector. I will going to a friend's Halloween party, and anyone who recognizes me is obviously a long lost friend. ;-)

So, what to you is an undeniably Pam look? What outfit do you always picture her in? (Okay, that sounds bad.)

I've already got the unruly, naturally wavy hair to work into her pulled back work hairstyle, so that's covered. White Keds I am thinking are required. What else? A striped button-up top? A red top with a binder clip? What do you think?

What about for other characters? If you have the ingredients for the perfect Dwight or Ryan costume, why not share? You never know when you might get invited to a last minute costume party and need ideas. Or, you could just be like Michael and crash. ;-)

Sidenote: My son found a pair of those fake nose, bushy eyebrows/moustache glasses at a garage sale the other weekend, and I said "Case closed, there's your costume!" but he countered with "No, I'll be Dwight!" Hee. He'd only seen one episode, but apparently Dwight really jumps out and sticks in the memory.