October 26th, 2006

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Halloween costume pic!

My cousin went to a Halloween party and I, of course, forced him to be Jim. Well, not forced him to, but strongly influenced him. I took a pic and thought I'd share! I have a party next week and we're going as Jim and Pam. But to make it less strange since we're cousins, I'm going as Office Olympics Pam and he's 3-Hole Punch Jim. Feel free to post all of your pics too if you had an Office themed costume! I'd love to see all the creativity! We need to have an official Office costume post, lol!

ETA: I've added my costume pic!

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Agent Micheal Scarn...sort of

If you ever wanted to see agent Micheal Scarn in a movie you soon will have your chance...sort of. Steve Carell has been cast to play Maxwell Smart in an upcoming Get Smart movie. In case you havn't heard of Get Smart, it was a tv show that was on in the 1960's about a rather accidental-prone government agent played by Don Adams (voice of Inspector Gadget). Actually Inspector Gadget is alot like Maxwell Smart...except for the robot thing. The show was created by Mel Brooks as a spoof of spy movies (especally the Bond films) which were really popular at the time. I, for one, am super excited since I used to watch Get Smart all the time on Nick at Nite as a kid. I think Steve is perfect for the part...lets just hope the writing is good too. *crosses fingers*

Edit: BJ Novak is working on the script! Thanks to breaking_open for the awesome info :)
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Gay Witch Hunt

Hi guys, I'm Step, and I'm one of your new mods.

I know things have been a little bit crazy recently, but we're working on trying to get things in order before the next new episode airs. We're not going to put the community on lockdown tonight, since tonight's episode is a rerun of 'Gay Witch Hunt', but I thought I'd let you know that we are going to continue to do that starting next week, with the next new episode.

However, I know people will still be watching the episode tonight, so here's a link to the East Coast discussion post, and the West Coast discussion post for the original airing of 'Gay Witch Hunt', in case you do want to discuss with your fellow fans. Or, use the comments of this post if you feel so inclined.

The rest of the mods and I are still working out the kinks, but we'll have a post with some announcements soon, never fear. Until then, keep posting away. This is a truly truly great community, and it's all because of you guys.
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I hadn't seen this discussed yet...

So a few months back this post was made concerning the various motivational posters that were hung up around the office. I thought it was pretty clever how people pointed out that a lot of the posters messages applied to the people in the Office and how everyone speculated whether the producers did it on purpose or not.

So today after rewatching "Gay Witch Hunt" I happened to notice a new poster. A poster that almost seems too convenient to not have been placed there on purpose.

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