October 28th, 2006


Little Office "zomgs"

OK, I watch The Office WAYYYY too much on my computer- I have every episode off of iTunes, of course.
For a while I've been itching to point out some things that have been bothering me, so here they are- behind a cut. (Pictures)

Caps by toxic_cloud

*Spoilers up to Initiation.

Sorry if this is a bit spammy.

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A little JAM makes everything better

A while ago Jenna Fischer had a song called "The Silence" by Prospect Mali on her myspace page, and the fun part was the song was inspired by Jim and Pam. I thought it would be a great song for a fan video, and I didn't have much to do, yada yada yada, fan video!

This is my first time editing anything, so please be nice. You can go to youtube or see the embedded video behind the cut.

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A very weird Office dream

I had a dream last night that I worked with all of them, Jim was there and was, well...Jim, then things got really weird. It was like it became a movie and Jim was sort of Indiana Jone, but was still wearing his tie, dress shirt combo. I was like his aid and carried his stuff. He was trying to rescue Pam. We had to read a clue, it was strange, there was snow....very,very, weird and I then I woke up about 10 minutes ago. Anyways, thought I would share, if I am allowed.
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Bizarro Office

I was watching this fan video


and I thought about the duality of the two Offices.  What if in the American version, they had switched the characters around a bit?  Most notably, if "Jim" was a woman, and "Pam" was a man, engaged to a woman?  Would we feel any less for "Jim"?  Would "she" been seen as a homewrecker of sorts?  What if Michael was a woman?  Would his antics be funnier or stupider?  Would Jan's coldness or Jan/Michael sexual contact  be taken as sexual harassment?  Would Dwangela be funny if Angela was an uptight Christian man?

 There are alot of ideas that could be thrown around here.  What are your thoughts/opinions?

Giant Mod Post of Doom

Hello everyone.

I am one of your new mods. This is the monster post you've all been waiting for, or dreading, depending on your perspective. ;)

First and foremost, your mods are now:


bluepassiflora will also be helping out when she can.

If you need to contact any of us, our collective email address is office.mods@gmail.com. We will be checking this email regularly, so please don't hesitate to email us with any suggestions or problems.

The next thing is the random posts. Yes, we are aware that they are continuing. As thecolorbetween has stated on many occasions now, we have been working out a plan, and no rules were made during this time. We were also waiting for the poll results. I'm sorry some of you were inconvenienced, but we wanted to make sure that we had the poll results before making a decision. You have to understand that all of this is brand new to us and it takes time.

The poll results are in and they came out overwhelmingly in favor of a weekly "random stuff" post. So that is what will happen. That will be set up in a day or two, and at that time, we will make a post telling you where you can post from now on. Until then, please lay off the random posts, or, if you are one who voted against random posts, please lay off the random posters.

Obviously, though, since people are still posting these random things, just telling people to stop or directing them elsewhere isn't always going to work. So, starting on Monday, October 30, we will be going into moderated posting status for a two-week trial period. If, in that time, you see any latency in posts being accepted, or have any other issues, please let us know at the email address above. We have enough mods to where you shouldn't see a difference, but please do give us a fair amount of time to approve posts before emailing us. We will judge over the course of the trial how members are responding to moderated status and then decide accordingly whether to keep it permanently or not.

And last but not least: Please remember that we are brand new to modding this community. prince handled almost everything up to this point, so even the mods that were around before don't have a terrible amount of experience. We are going to make mistakes, and we are not perfect. So please keep that in mind while we go through this adjustment period, and hopefully we can get things running smoothly very soon. We will never be able to make every member happy, but we are always going to work in favor of what we feel is best for the community.

I believe this is everything, but if you have any questions, let us know. Thank you all for your patience.