October 29th, 2006


Half useless, Half Office trivia

So I was watching SNL and a commercial for the next episode shows up and I notice that they're in a school with orange lockers and a crappy tile patern on the floor. So I pause the DVR and take a closer look and I begin to flip out. Turns out they filmed that ep at my old high school, Grant High in Van Nuys, CA. So now "The Office" joins a long line of TV shows like Power Rangers (the first series) and Saved by the Bell to use that school as a location.
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in office olympics, when dwight and michael are checking out michael's master bedroom, and they can hear the kid playing his saxophone through the wall, i SWEAR the voice of the 'dad' that yells to the saxophone kid "I DON'T HEAR YOU PRACTICING!" is brian baumgartner. anyone care to back me up?

pam .. pamela anderson?!

i was bored and was looking around the 'net and i found this information and i thought it was funny. idk if this is allowed, posting stuff like this .. so if not just delete it?


y'know if pam married roy? well, pam's name is pamela, and roy's last name is anderson. so if she DID marry him, her name would be pamela anderson.

n__n; yeah ..

Fake Promo Video

I'm absurdly excited about a certain upcoming episode so I decided to make a fake trailer for it. I put it behind the cut because it's based on the name of an unaired episode and is made up entirely of Season 3 clips, so it's pretty spoilery. Hope you enjoy!

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"QUIET YOU!": an Office Halloween

Okay! Hi everybody! I'm MOSTLY a lurker here in this community but you might see my comments here and there. My name is Chrissy, I'm twenty years old and I've been watching the Office since the very first episode premiered. Most of my friends know that if they want to make me laugh, they probably need to add an Office reference in there somewhere.

I don't have any crazy naked Jim dreams to tell you, but what I do have to say is this Friday I got to be kitty!Pam at a Halloween party and let me tell you it was a huge hit of epic proportions! The best part is there was another couple dressed up as the Janitor and Elliot from Scrubs. We took pictures together but regrettably I don't know them and they were the ones that took the photo! MySpace hunt, maybe?

ALL throughout the evening, I would walk by this one guy who I didn't even know, and he would have some kind of Pam comment via Michael Scott. He would go "PAMPAMPAM!" or "Pam-a-lama-ding-dong!" ... it was kind of amazing! Anyway, here are the pictures. I've got to say that unfortunately, there were still a few "I don't get it" people, but my boyfriend and I did our best by telling the idiots to start watching NBC on Thursday nights and get "saved". :)

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Can't wait to see everybody else, and Happy Halloween!

27 seconds, redux

I was reading the transcripts over at TWIZTV.com for The Office (US), and I read the description of the "27 seconds of silence" from the Booze Cruise episode.  It goes like this:

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I thought to myself....What could Jim have done at that moment?  I mean, he'd still have to see her at work after that, and he'd see Roy, and kissing her would be pretty mean since he'd be jerking her feelings around.  We all wanted him to kiss her, but it's unrealistic, and just a couple of minutes later, Roy sets a date for the wedding.  If Pam kissed Jim, she's be so damned conflicted at that moment.  I don't know if that really was a "chance" for Jim.  He couldn't run away like he did after Casino Night.


Yay first post at this community! anyway, i was bored so i watched the christmas party episode again, and somethings wouldn't stop bothering me. Collapse )
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I have an ambitious halloween idea, i want to make office themed pumpkins.  So what i was hoping ya'll could help me with is, i see some of you have these cartoon versions of some of the characters in your icons, and i know a while ago someone posted a cartoon strip, and some caricatures.  does anyone have the link to that? Im looking for Jim, Pam, Dwight and Micheal.

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Here is the Random Posts thread. Random posts are basically defined as personal stories (aka "I saw this guy who looked like Jim today!) or dreams that you've had about The Office or any of the actors involved. This thread can also include things like "I saw ____Office Actor in ____film." Another good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, does this pertain directly to The Office, or does it pertain more to myself? If the answer is yourself, then it goes here.

If you would like to track this post so you know when it's updated, you can do that here.

The link to this post will be permanently displayed to your right when you're looking at the main community page. It is a permanent link. As of now, we will not be doing weekly random posting, it will just all come here.

If you have any questions about whether your post is random or not, please contact your friendly neighborhood mods at office.mods@gmail.com.

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Just so everyone is aware...the new random post is here, though I'm sure you didn't miss it when I posted it before.

Also, the community is going to moderated status starting at 12am EST tonight. I really think this will work out great in the long run, but again, if you guys have any problems with it, let us know.
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Me Mi Mo Manley

I thought it'd be fun if every Sunday evening we have a post dedicated to one of the minor characters, beause they can be as funny as the leads. These posts can be pretty much free for alls: favorite quotes, made up backstories, random observations. Obviously if the idea doesn't catch on I'll get the hint and stop posting. :P And I'll try in the future to make them earlier, I know it's pretty late for East Coasters.

But tonight's lucky character is...
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Ok guys, the community is now on moderated status. Please don't let this discourage you from posting. The main thing we're going to be looking for are the random posts, so we can gently guide people to the new thread, stuff that is inappropriate or inflammatory, blantant spoilers not marked as such, or really repetitive posts. We're not going to smack you down for anything and we're not going to reject a post just because we feel like it or it's not something we're interested in. We are going to do our best to be as fair as possible. So please keep posting and making this community as great as it has always been.

Thanks again for your patience, we really do appreciate it. You guys are truly awesome.