November 19th, 2006


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Hello Everyone!

Polling is officially over. We tallied everything and made our decisions from both your answers plus what we thought was best for the community. The UserInfo has now been updated to reflect the changes. Please read the new rules, as they will be effective immediately.

A couple of specific things we wanted to touch on:

Regarding fanmixes and fanvideos: We chose to keep them because most of the comments that you guys made said that you didn't mind these, it was just the fanfic that you wanted to get rid of. So we did. If you do not like fanvids and fanmixes, scroll past them. Being rude to people who post them will not be tolerated. One note to those posting fanmixes: Because you are posting copyrighted material, All fanmixes must link back to your personal journals. Do not post the actual files in the community. This is to avoid any copyright issues.

Another thing that is new, and I'm sure you guys saw it earlier, is our Official Resource Post. You guys voted to disallow random questions that can easily be Googled, but we figured if we're not going to approve those kinds of posts, we needed to have someplace to direct people to. So the Resource Post was born. If you guys see anything wrong there, or have any links that you'd like to add, let us know and we will do so.

We know not everyone is going to be happy. At this point we kindly ask that you direct all criticism or complaints to our email We know that we have provided a very open forum for discussion while we were going through this transition process, but now we ask that we get back to the fun in the community, and if you take issue with something (or someone) please email us from here on out rather than discussing it in the community.

I think that about does it, but we also wanted to just thank you guys whole-heartedly. Y'all were very helpful and cooperative through the transition period and we really appreciate all of your input and your patience while we figured out how to streamline the community. You guys are what make this community so great, and we appreciate the hell out of you.

Now let's have some fun!