November 22nd, 2006

Dance Inside (My New Jim/Pam Vid)

Here's my latest Jim/Pam video:

Dance Inside

It's set to All-American Rejects' "Dance Inside" and has clips up to "The Merger." It's probably the most...different video I've made to date, as it is faster-paced and sidesteps general (unspoken) editing rules about fitting clips to the chorus. Hope you all enjoy.

Feedback would be awesome.
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Meredith's latest blog ...

Upon purusing Kate Flannery's latest TV guide blog and reading about the non-new episode due to Thanksgiving:

"So... you won't see us. ... or the walk that Pam and Jim took, "

Who with the what now? Is this a shiny beacon of hope for Team Pam? It better be the sun and not a lighthouse beacon, thats all I'm saying.
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is anyone else... like, as excited as me to use the quote

"Ho ho ho! Pimp!" come christmas time? It's still... a bit too early to bring it out I think, but I can't wait. As nerdy as I am.

What other quotes did Michael chuck out that were Christmas related? I don't think there were many, but if so, please post them! Michael always says the most ridiculous things.

(I hope this post isnt too random!)