December 4th, 2006

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Jenna Fischer & Tina Fey: TV's Pretty Funny Ladies

Jenna Fischer and Tina Fey are the leading ladies of Thursday night Must See TV.  TV Guide got the duo together recently to chat.  It's a great article.  And those of us who are Jenna's MySpace friends know she isn't lying when she says "30 Rock" is one of her favorite shows.  She's always talking it up.


Jenna Fischer & Tina Fey: TV's Pretty Funny Ladies

shipper-naming we have our JAM and we even have our DWANGELA.  But what about all those people who are on Team Karen?  (ps. I'm all Team Pam)  It actually had me thinking.  I mean Jim + Karen .... those names don't really mesh well - at least I don't think so.  In fact --- all I came up with was:

Karen + Jim = Kim.     < --- Team Kim ? ? ?   Um...I think Jam flows a tidge better.   Or you could switch it around and go for : Jim + Karen = Jaren.  But still.........

Then I got a little adventurous with names and decided:

  I'm a Dandy.

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Jim Halpert: One of TV's Best Characters

In an article on Zap2it, Jim Halpert was number third in a list of the best characters on tv (according to tv gal.)


3. John Krasinski as Jim Halpert on "The Office": With so many fabulous characters, it's hard to pick just one employee of Dunder Mifflin. Especially since this past year really brought many of the background characters to the forefront and introduced some great new office mates. With his deadpan looks and impish grin, Krasinski could go an entire episode without a line of dialogue and we would know exactly what he was thinking.

Read the whole article at,0,6631895.story

(He'll always be number one in my book though...)