December 11th, 2006

10 Rules of Business

I was looking for a list of Michael's hilarious "10 Rules of Business" online, but I couldn't find them all. I googled a bunch of things but only ended up withCollapse )

If anyone can think of or knows where to find the other ones, I'd really appreciate it. I know I'm at least missing number 3, and possibly s few more (though I'm aware there aren't actually 10). Thanks in advance!
tal - it's this american life

A new "Office" podcast!

I am delighted to announce The Office Alliance, a new "Office" podcast.

Our aim is to bring to bring you news and discussion about the show, the cast, and the fandom.

Our first full episode includes:

Scranton Scoop: "Office" news and a brief discussion of the news
Performance Review: Discussion of “The Convict”
The Conference Room: A discussion of Ryan and his relationship with and intentions toward Kelly
Fandomnicity: Rundown of happenings in the online “Office” fandom

Running Time: 33:21

Future episodes will include additional segments such as Employee of the Week, in which we'll interview "Office" fans with a particularly unique perspective or position in the fandom, and Faxes From the Future, in which we'll have spoiler-free speculative discussion about what's to come.

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