December 13th, 2006

Give Me My Remote

Preview of this week's ep

Hey LJers - I've had a chance to see an early preview of this week's episode of THE OFFICE. I don't want to say much here and risk spoiling anyone, but of course the episode was classic!! I really enjoyed it. I've posted a full review of the ep if you'd like to read it - just click on the link below. But be warned, the post does contain spoilers, although I was very careful in what chose to reveal.


Random Questions

Guys, we are seeing a lot of random questions posts lately again. Per the rules, we are not going to approve these posts. Putting a disclaimer on your post like "I know this has already been asked but..." is not going to get your post approved. Use your resources. The resources are updated with all of the best Office sites on the 'net and one of those sites will almost definitely have the answer to any question you could ever ask. I went to a lot of trouble putting our Resources post together, and we do expect you to use it. Thanks.