December 15th, 2006

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Sales and Marketing Management magazine cover story

Of the numerous magazines my boss receives free in the mail, one is "Sales & Marketing Management." This month's cover story was entitled "Must See TV: Lessons from NBC's 'The Office'" and our beloved "World's Best Boss" Michael Scott graced the cover. I had to share, so I scanned the article for my peeps. Enjoy!

You can also read the article here.

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The Office - Question

Rainn Wilson

On Sunday, Rainn Wilson is going to be at The Mall at Steamtown in Scranton. I'm going so he can sign my bobblehead *squee* Here's my question. If you were going to see him in person, what question would you ask?

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I just want to thank everyone for responding to this post. All of you came up with great answers.

Here are the ones we went with:


We are faster at trivia than 80% of all snakes. and humans.

To foster interpersonal intracommunicativity! (that is, teamwork brings people closer together, in pseudo-management-wank speak).

Because we don't just want to be feared or loved, we want to be both. We want people to be afraid of how much they love us.

We will try our hardest to win the competition for all of us Office fans!
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Friday Consolidation Post, 3x10

If I couldn't spend my Christmas with Toby, perhaps Ryan, then.

    "The Office"
    Season Three, Episode 10
    Official Friday Follow Up Thread
This post is for those that have seen episode ten of season three and who would like to discuss the episode further.

This post is for those of you who live in Hawaii, had to watch on iTunes, DVR-ed the episode, or for those of you who have already seen it and want to discuss with the aforementioned people.

Again, when posting over the next several days, please keep in mind that there are others that haven't seen the latest episode... spoilers should be lj-cut for a week after the episode has aired, or the post will be rejected.

This post is being made to consolidate posts that would otherwise flood everyone's friendslist. I hope that you'll consider posting here first when feeling the need to only talk about something trivial... like... how amazing Toby was in this episode. Unless you have a random post. That should be directed to the random post. If there are any issues with commenters, please leave a comment in this post. Thanks, guys.
Question Still

Possible Spoilers on Wikipedia

I don't know how reliable the sources are for Wikipedia's newly updated episode guide for The Office, but there are now episode summaries for the next FIVE episodes. Again-I'm not sure the reliability of this, but who knows. :)

Safe to say that there are potential spoilers.