December 17th, 2006

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Deleted Scenes!

NBC now has two deleted scenes up. The first is an adorabley hilarious one with Ryan and Kelly (it seems like most of their relationship has played out in deleted scenes, which makes me a bit sad), and the second is one with Angela and poor, sad Toby.

If you go here, the Ryan/Kelly one comes first, but then if you let it play the Toby and Angela one comes on right after. Enjoy!
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The Office - Question

Rainn Wilson

Today was the big day. My boyfriend & I got to see Rainn Wilson at the Steamtown Mall in Scranton. He came out around 12:30 and answered some questions. Here's what we found out...

His favorite episode is The Injury.
In The Injury, potato soup was used as his vomit.
They're trying to get the cast involved in the St. Patrick's Day Parade so they can use it on the show.
Michael & Phyllis are going to get married.

One of these statements may be a false lead.

So then it took a while, but we got up there. He had a packet of pictures someone was havng him sign while we were on stage, so his assistant took a few pictures of him while we waited. He also asked what our issues, as a couple, were and he told me to tell my mom he said hi. He signed my bobble head and signed a picture for Jim (boyfriend). And then we each got high fives. Very cool guy. Meeting him and seeing how awesome he is with his fans makes me enjoy the show more.

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