April 28th, 2007


John Krasinski Visits Brown!

Sorry for the confusion with my last post. I found out Friday night that he was speaking Saturday (they didn’t publicize it a lot, which was probably a good thing for me, because I got there an hour early and still had to sit on the floor), and I went to post here, and forgot about the whole screening-thing. So my post wasn’t up until AFTER he’d come. Sorry! But anyway.

So: John Krasinski.

He’s, like, a real person. He’s not imaginary. It blew my mind.

He’s also just awesome. Smart, funny, really nice, sweetly self-deprecating, and adorable. Awesome. And he mentioned several times that he hates when people do things just to do them, and that he’s not a very actor-y actor, which really just made me love him.

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Outside the cut because I only just remembered: the pictures posted by thepoodleskirt reminded me. The yearbook picture in Email Surveillance? Is him in high school. He had braces junior and senior year, got them off the week before prom. And, the flashback picture of Jim and Dwight in Traveling Salesmen (I think) was pasted-on heads from college photos over a photo of them in costume now. More of that new-fangled CGI stuff. :D
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