January 11th, 2009


Golden Globe arrivals

Here are the arrival pictures from this year's Golden Globe awards. So far only Ricky Gervais has shown up (he wanted to be early so E! didn't dismiss him for someone more famous-- his words, not mine). Since he is apart of The Office family, here he is with his wife. I will post everyone else as they arrive, so keep checking for updates!

Source for pictures: Getty Images

ETA: Kate and Creed added. Angela added. Jenna added. Mindy added. BJ added (thanks fleur32_23) Brian added (thanks cork118 and OfficeTally). Steve and Nancy (finally) added. Rainn added (thanks rainnluv). Ed and John added (thanks rainnluv)
Okay I cannot for the life of me find any of Leslie, Steve, John, Ed and Rainn. A cookie for anyone who finds one.

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