The Man Who Wasn't There (scarcrest) wrote in theoffice_us,
The Man Who Wasn't There

"Booze Cruise" question

In "Booze Cruise," when Michael and Jim and Roy are all over there with Captain Jack and the "who would you safe if there's a fire" question comes up, Jim says he'd save the customer. This makes sense -- keeping his feelings about Pam to himself, especially with Roy there.

But later, he walks away and tells the camera, "For the record, I'd save the receptionist." Does anyone else find the phrasing of that a bit odd? Why didn't he just say "I'd save Pam?" Is this a case of trying to emotionally distance himself from her, or to hide his feelings for her from the documentary crew (which is my theory), or what?

Curious to see what you folks think.
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