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long time reader, first time poster!

i subscribe to jane and yesterday, i got the august issue, featuring the almost nude jenna fischer, in the mail. i thought i'd scan it in since i haven't seen it anywhere yet.

"My New Year's resolution last year was called Hot and Sexy '05. The goal was to feel comfortable with my body no matter what my size. And it actually happened. I stopped obsessing about what I ate, fluctuations in my weight and whether I was working out or not. I was owning that this was what I was born with. There was a time when I worked out so much that I had hard, six-pack abs. Well, maybe a two-pack - just a great bikini body. But I wasn't happy. So I stopped making that a big focus of my life."

hopefully it's viewable, i have a much larger version on my computer if anyone wants it.
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