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PAM 2.0

who knew that "the office" fans had such good taste ! Im proud to call you mine :)
Here is another fan-mix, with songs that make me think "i just needed you to know...once".
i dont know how to make them pretty links, but its ok, the bulky ugly ones still serves its purpose.
and dont make fun of my cover no graphic design major. i tried !

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1. You Have My Attention - Copeland
This sums up the relationship.
its perfect.

2. The Dress Looks Nice on You - Sufjan Stevens
"I can see alot of life in you...and i think that dress looks nice on you"
casino night, in a nutshell.

3. For No One - Ryan Adams
"you'de like to know me well, but you already have, you already do, nobody does, and i guess that says something to you"
....yeah, he's great, I don't know mom, he's my best friend"

4. Not Your Year - The Weepies
The perfect Jim song. Clearly timing is not Jim's thing.

5. Hear Me Out - Frou Frou
the lyrics say it all.
"Go ahead and lie to me, you can say anything, small talk will be just fine, your voice is everything, it all depends on you, so listen up, this sun hasnt yet, i refuse to believe its only me you feel, just hear me out, im not over you yet, this is love on the line, can you handle it?"

love, loss, and longing......sigh

p.s i know these artists are not very music/forward. but i know jenna and john like these artists. and they are just so perfect for the JAM sitch....
p.p.s you dont have to like my mix. so dont leave crappy comments about it. if you dont like it, dont listen to it. but i so hope you like it :) :) :) its a pretty mellow mix.

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