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Gay Witch Hunt

Hi guys, I'm Step, and I'm one of your new mods.

I know things have been a little bit crazy recently, but we're working on trying to get things in order before the next new episode airs. We're not going to put the community on lockdown tonight, since tonight's episode is a rerun of 'Gay Witch Hunt', but I thought I'd let you know that we are going to continue to do that starting next week, with the next new episode.

However, I know people will still be watching the episode tonight, so here's a link to the East Coast discussion post, and the West Coast discussion post for the original airing of 'Gay Witch Hunt', in case you do want to discuss with your fellow fans. Or, use the comments of this post if you feel so inclined.

The rest of the mods and I are still working out the kinks, but we'll have a post with some announcements soon, never fear. Until then, keep posting away. This is a truly truly great community, and it's all because of you guys.
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