Christina (Chrissy) (indriyani) wrote in theoffice_us,
Christina (Chrissy)

"QUIET YOU!": an Office Halloween

Okay! Hi everybody! I'm MOSTLY a lurker here in this community but you might see my comments here and there. My name is Chrissy, I'm twenty years old and I've been watching the Office since the very first episode premiered. Most of my friends know that if they want to make me laugh, they probably need to add an Office reference in there somewhere.

I don't have any crazy naked Jim dreams to tell you, but what I do have to say is this Friday I got to be kitty!Pam at a Halloween party and let me tell you it was a huge hit of epic proportions! The best part is there was another couple dressed up as the Janitor and Elliot from Scrubs. We took pictures together but regrettably I don't know them and they were the ones that took the photo! MySpace hunt, maybe?

ALL throughout the evening, I would walk by this one guy who I didn't even know, and he would have some kind of Pam comment via Michael Scott. He would go "PAMPAMPAM!" or "Pam-a-lama-ding-dong!" ... it was kind of amazing! Anyway, here are the pictures. I've got to say that unfortunately, there were still a few "I don't get it" people, but my boyfriend and I did our best by telling the idiots to start watching NBC on Thursday nights and get "saved". :)

Jim suddenly has glasses?

Yeah, he tried his best at a Jim face but, John Krasinski > my Jon.

I should also mention that THIS is my real hair!

Can't wait to see everybody else, and Happy Halloween!

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