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Frequently Asked Questions
In addition to the FAQ please make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules.

FAQ - The Community
    01. I'm new! Where can I introduce myself at?
    If you are new to the community/show and would like to introduce yourself please use this post.

    02. Is this community moderated?
    As of 11/15/06, the community is moderated, based on the results of this poll.

    03. My post was deleted/rejected! Why?
    Any post that is deleted/rejected falls into one of the following categories:
    A) You did not follow the rules.
    B) Your post had nothing to do with The Office (whether it be the show or the cast).
    C) Your post had inappropriate content. Please respect your fellow community menbers and keep your language clean.
    D) You were asking something that is easily found via the FAQ. Please check the FAQ before asking a common question.
    E) Your post is information that has already been posted.
    F) Your post is a 'random' post. All random posts should now be posted in the comments of the Official Random Post.
    If you post something that is deleted/rejected, the moderator will respond to your post as to why your post was deleted/rejected. Please read the email that LiveJournal sends you - we promise you'll see the reason that it was rejected there. (See this if you aren’t receiving email from LiveJournal.)

    04. My comment was deleted! Why?
    Comments are deleted if a moderator feels that it is either rude/inappropriate or does not follow the rules.

    05. What are the episode discussion posts?
    Starting with Season 3, we will only allow one post per episode in the timezone it airs in. That way people can follow along and talk about the show while it is being broadcasted. If we let every member post directly to the community with their thoughts on each episode we would have a lot of posts for one episode. This also cuts down on unnecessary clutter on everyone’s friends list. It also cuts down on the possibility of spoilers. After the episode has aired on both the East Coast and the West Coast, there will be a followup post for everyone to discuss in, and to consolidate the numerous posts that would be made after the episode has aired. The following day, a post will be made to consolidate the speculation (with spoilers) for upcoming episodes.

    06. What happens if a member breaks a rule?
    Those members who are obviously only here as "trolls" will be banned from the community. For example, if someone joins theoffice_us only to try and cause drama within they will find themselves banned. Otherwise, most rule violations will just be given a warning/reminder of the rule.

    07. A post I made isn't in the memories/tags section. Why?
    The "memories" feature is rarely used in theoffice_us. All applicable posts are categorized using the tag system. You can view the tags here. We also try and tag all new entries within a few days of them being posted. If we don't tag an entry, it’s safe to assume that it’s something that doesn't require tagging (i.e. we don't tend to tag those asking which episode something happened in). Please feel free to tag your posts, as well.

    08. Why can't we post icons here?
    As a result of this poll regarding icons, this decision was made. Due to the overwhelming response of YES, we teamed up with theoffice_icons. All icons are posted in public entries at that community. We've done it this way because we think teaming up will benefit both communities. It will also cut down on the duplicate posts while reading your friends entries.

    09. Are you looking for any moderators?
    We’re currently not looking for additional moderators for the community. If and when this changes we’ll make a post to announce it and allow those interested to apply.

    10. Can I make a request for graphics or where to find a certain photo?
    Yes. However, you may want to check the tags before requesting as you may find what you’re looking for there first.
FAQ - The Show
    01. When is The Office on?
    The Office airs on Thursdays at 9:00/8:00c on NBC.

    02. Who are the actors that have regular parts on the show?
    The actors currently on contract are: Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Melora Hardin, Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Paul Lieberstein, Mindy Kaling, Kate Flannery, Ed Helms, Patrice O’Neal and Craig Robinson. (Complete list of credits can be found here.)

    03. Is [Insert Actor] in that movie I just saw?
    The best place to find this out is by checking Internet Movie Database. If it's not listed, the answer is most likely no.

    04. Oh no! I missed this week's episode! Can someone please tell me what happened?
    NBC posts recaps of every episode here at the official site.

    05. Where can I find the theme music that plays during the opening credits for The Office?
    You can download the theme song here.

    06. When will Season Three be available on DVD?
    Season One’s finale aired on April 26, 2005. The DVD for Season One came out nearly 4 months later on August 16, 2005. Season Two’s finale aired on May 11, 2006. Season Two was released on DVD nearly 4 months later on Tuesday, September 12, 2006. Season Three's Finale aired May 17, 2007. The DVDs were released nearly 4 months later on September 4, 2007.
FAQ - Episodes, Screencaps, Communities! Oh My!
    01. Where can I download [episode name]?
    Amazon Unbox currently has all episodes of Seasons One, Two, and Three available for purchase at $1.99 each. Please let NBC know how much you appreciate the show by purchasing Seasons 1, 2, and 3 on DVD or buying the episodes you want at Amazon Unbox, or watching the shows on NBC Direct (when it launches).

    02. Where can I find episode screencaps?
    You can find screencaps at cap_it, office_caps, and here.

    03. Where can I find the community/links for [blahblah]?
    Check out the Resource Post for an updated list of related communities & websites that have a significant amount of content related to The Office.
If you have any question(s) on the above or about the community (not related to the show) or if you feel something has been overlooked that should be added to the FAQ, please feel free to leave a comment in this post. Thank you.

(FAQ template via greysanatomy)
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