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im not sure if this is a random post, so i placed the actual post under a cut.
i considered this not random, since its about the actors themselves, and how incredibly patient john krasinski is with fans. (if the mod considers this a 'random thread' please let me know! i really dont like breaking rules in a community i love so much)

overall subject: i sat behind john krasinski and rashida jones this thursday at a death cab for cutie concert.

i sat behind john krasinski and rashida jones this thursday at a death cab for cutie concert.

this thursday i attended a Death Cab for Cutie concert with a friend of mine at the Madison Square Garden Theatre in New York. during the intermission in between the lead act and the actual main preformance, more people were getting in and out of their seats. i was talking away with my friend about how surprisinly good and close our seats were to the stage when people started filing into the seats infront of us. i looked up to see who they were and i saw John with Rashida Jones along with two other guys who i guessed were their close friends. I found it quite strange, since, that evening i was supposed to be at home actually watching an Office episode and yet here i am seeing John and Rashida in the seats diagonally infront of me.
while they were all still standing in their seats, and looking around at the venue, I did a double take and looked right at him, and our eyes met as i said softly "mr.krasinski?" (to be polite, i didnt want to blantantly call him john) but then rashida poked his shoulder, he turned around, and they started talking. i then turned to my friend and told her i recognized him as the actor from one of my [all-time] favorite shows "the office". she didnt believe me. i then looked back at john, and he was looking at me again, probably skeptical about why i kept looking at him-i must admit i was being rude staring, i really shouldnt have, but i wanted to try to approach him to tell him how much i appreciate his acting as well as how much i love "the office"(like any other fan woulld). i also wanted ot talk to Rashida,but her name got lost in my memory at the time, and i was hesitant throughout the entire intermission whether to approach them or not. they were literally one seat diagonally infront of my friend and I.
it was about three minutes after i decided i would say hi to them;but, John, Rashida, and their two other friends got into a really long-stretched conversation. so i sat back and waited until they stopped talking. it didnt happen. i was then trying to convince my friend that it was him, and the teenage couple next to me started staring at him too, but i dont think they recognized him even after my entire explanation. then suddenly the concert started, and i had to wait, until after to meet john and rashida.
the concert overall was really great (death cab for cutie is an extremely talented band-but thats besides the point). i looked over at john and rashida two times, and they really seemed to enjoy it. i saw john do some interesting robot moves just to joke, rashida just nodded her head to the music.
they stayed for the entire concert, even the encore. when it was finally over i tried to go up to john as he got up, but he started to walk away quite quickly (obviously)by the time
i caught up to him, rashida was already gone out the door. however, i was able to kind of touch him on the shoulder and asked "mr. krasinski?"
he responded surprisingly with a smile, "yes?-oh hi,"
i said "oh hi," and really stupidly introduced myself with my name and went to shake his hand (i greet alot of people i dont know personally for the first time like that)
he shook my hand back really sincerely, and i told him flat out all that i wanted, and how wonderful a show "The Office" is and how much i love his character.
he said "aw, thanks" back to me and smiled.
i then asked him what he thought of the concert, but i got cut off by another fan who wanted a picture with him, it was a little abrupt. but i tried not to get upset. instead, i gave john another "thank you" and asked if i could get an autograph, but i didnt have anything for him to sign. i just had a wallet, and pen in my back pocket-my friend was holding all my other stuff.
i decided that he could sign my shoes. so i asked him "could you sign my cons maybe?"
he gave a really cute laugh with a smile and said "sure,"
i apologized to him afterwards, (about bothering him for an autograph) and thanked him for his patience (patience while listening to me ramble to him) and let him talk and meet the other fans-which was about 8-12 people out of the 2,000 people in the venue. i guess it was kind of sweet in a way. alot of fans asked for photos and hugs and stuff (and john gave his fans everything they asked practically). basically i really appreaciate john, with his overall talent and patience and care he gives to his fans no matter how pathetic (like me) they may be.

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