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This is the official post for all the Office resources you could hope for. We will add to this post as we go along and new, interesting sites open up. Please peruse the resources at your leisure, and let us know if there are any sites or communities we may have missed. Thanks!

Other LiveJournal Communities

bjnovak_fans, dunder_mif_rpg, jim_and_pam, john_krasinski, office_caps, office_fanworks, office_moments, office_stories, rainn_wilson, steve_carell, the_dundies, the_office_rp, theoffice_fic, theoffice_icons, scranton_times, jennaxfischer, usoffice_icons, edhelmsthenerd, melora_hardin, andy_chronicles, michael_holly, we_love_showbiz, alovesosexy

Office Blogs


Jenna Fischer's MySpace (aka Pam) LJ Feed: pambeesley_rss
Angela Kinsey's MySpace (aka Angela) LJ Feed: angelamartinrss
Brian Baumgartner's MySpace (aka Kevin) LJ Feed: dontgointhere
BJ Novak's MySpace (aka Ryan the Temp) LJ Feed: bjnovak_rss
Paul Lieberstein's MySpace (aka Toby) LJ Feed: officetoby_rss
Kate Flannery's MySpace (aka Meredith) LJ Feed: hysterctomy
Karly Rothenberg's MySpace (aka Madge) LJ Feed: madge_warehouse
Creed Branton's MySpace (aka Creed) LJ Feed: i_love_stealing
John Sparano's MySpace LJ Feed: john_sparano
Robert R. Shafer's MySpace (aka Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration) LJ Feed: bob_vance
Craig Robinson's MySpace (aka Darryl the Warehouse guy)
David Denman's MySpace (aka Roy)
Melora Hardin's Myspace (aka Jan Levinson Gould)
Mindy Kaling's Blog Feed: mindyephron

Official TV Guide Blogs

Jenna's TV Guide Blog LJ Feed: jennasoffice
Kate Flannery's TV Guide Blog LJ Feed: kate_office and
Brian Baumgartner's TV Guide Blog LJ Feed: 69cupofnoodles.

Schrute-Space (aka Dwight Schrute's blog) LJ Feed: schrutespace

Official NBC Sites

The Official site of NBC's The Office
NBC Universal Store

General Office websites

Office Tally LJ Feed: officetally
Northern Attack LJ Feed: northernattack
Life in The Office LJ Feed: lifeintheoffice
The Office vs. The Office
The Office Guide
Fancy New Whatever
NettesLayouts Specializing in Office-themed Myspace Layouts, graphics, and news.


Kyrafic's Fanfic list at Del.Icio.Us
More Than That: The best Jim/Pam fanfic site on the 'net.

Actor Sites

John Krasinski:

More Than
John Krasinski Web
A New Wave trailer
JK's Kodak Commercial

Jenna Fischer:

More Than
Jenna Fischer Online
Jenna's movie The Girl's Guide to Summer
Jenna's husband James Gunn's MySpace
James Gunn's Website
Official SLiTHER Site

BJ Novak:


Mindy Kaling:

Mindy's Blog

Steve Carell:

Steve Carell: Boy Wonder
Steve (aka Poor Man's Michael Scott)

Ed Helms:

The Ed Helms Appreciation Station

Other random Sites

Get a call from Dwight
Officeize your Google page
Listen to Prospect Mali's Jim/Pam song, Silence.
The Office Quote Battle
CubeJinx LJ Feed: cubejinx
What's the Scuttlebutt? Audio clips from The Office

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