jaye tyler cover band (stepliana) wrote in theoffice_us,
jaye tyler cover band

Friday Consolidation Post, 3x10

If I couldn't spend my Christmas with Toby, perhaps Ryan, then.

    "The Office"
    Season Three, Episode 10
    Official Friday Follow Up Thread
This post is for those that have seen episode ten of season three and who would like to discuss the episode further.

This post is for those of you who live in Hawaii, had to watch on iTunes, DVR-ed the episode, or for those of you who have already seen it and want to discuss with the aforementioned people.

Again, when posting over the next several days, please keep in mind that there are others that haven't seen the latest episode... spoilers should be lj-cut for a week after the episode has aired, or the post will be rejected.

This post is being made to consolidate posts that would otherwise flood everyone's friendslist. I hope that you'll consider posting here first when feeling the need to only talk about something trivial... like... how amazing Toby was in this episode. Unless you have a random post. That should be directed to the random post. If there are any issues with commenters, please leave a comment in this post. Thanks, guys.
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