Look at you adding & subtracting! (123shatter) wrote in theoffice_us,
Look at you adding & subtracting!

i'm about to get random here -

BFD is the new TMI.

"I would save the receptionist. I just wanted to clear that up." My god, I wanted to cry. That was the greatest line ever!

Meredith topless with the life preserver! Kevin with the speedo and condoms! Michael trying to centipede!

"Captain Jack is a fart face...bleeeehhh(vomiting)!"
"It's a fake wheel, dummy!"

Oh the random crazy funny shit! Definately one of my favorite episodes.

Who could forget:
Katy - "Do you think that'll ever be us?"
Jim - "No."
Katy - "What the hell is wrong with you? Why did you even bring me here?"
Jim - "I don't know. Let's break up."
Katy - "Wait. What?"

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