Katie (fullhearts) wrote in theoffice_us,

Golden Globes red carpet pictures.

Thanks to my WireImage account, I have some pictures of Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson on the red carpet at the Golden Globes tonight -- no watermarks!

I'll update this post with more of the cast when I come across them!

Edit (7:57 ET): Added another one of Jenna! Sorry, no good ones of John yet.

Edit (8:15 ET): Added a picture of B.J. Novak.

Edit (10:39 ET): Added two pictures of Steve Carell.

Edit (11:56 ET): Added six more pictures of B.J. (with J.J. Abrams), Rainn (with Masi Oka) and Steve. This post is getting image-heavy!

Edit (3:09 ET): Added sixteen more pictures of Rainn, Rashida Jones, Angela Kinsey, Melora Hardin, Kate Flannery, Brian Baumgartner. This post was getting way too crowded so I've moved all photos to a gallery I've created here. Enjoy!

Edit (4:15 ET): Added more pictures of Steve, Jenna, John, Rashida, B.J., Melora, Rainn and Ed Helms to the gallery. Total pictures so far: 41.

Edit (5:39 ET): WireImage is finally delivering the goods! Boatloads more pictures of Steve, Jenna, John, Rainn, Angela, Rashida, Ed, B.J., Brian, Kate, David Denman, Paul Lieberstein, Nancy Walls, Leslie David Baker, Phyllis Smith, and Robert R. Shafer. Nearly 100 pictures now!

Edit (2:47 ET): There are well over 100 pictures in the gallery now. I'm pretty sure I've gotten 99.9% of every photo from the red carpet and after parties so I won't be updating anymore unless I find new ones! :)
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