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Target audience

Hi all,

I hope this isn't off topic, if it is, I'll remove this post. But basically I'm doing a marketing project for a class where we're supposed to market something (a product, idea, whatever). I got the idea to do a marketing plan for The Office. Now I was wondering if any of you could help me identify the target audience that The Office would be perfect for. I've come up with a few but any more would be helpful.

Some target audiences/population segments:
1. 18-45 age bracket
2. Those who have worked in a corporate environment
3. Those who watch the show because it's a spin off of the original UK series
4. Those who watch shows with similar set up and humor (ex: Arrested Development)

I guess a few questions for all of you to answer (and would help me identify a target audience) would be:

1. Why do you watch the Office?
2. How did you get into watching the show?
3. How old are you?
4. What is your gender?
5. From what part of the country, or for those out of the US, which country are you from?

Thanks in advance to those of you who decide to answer :)

*Edit to add: Wow! The responses have been overwhelming and very helpful! Keep them coming :) If my project does get approved (my group has to get approval from the professor) I'll be sure to update you guys on our final project*
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