Melinda (melindameow) wrote in theoffice_us,

The Office, on iTunes

Has anyone else had any troubles getting iTunes downloads to work on their computer?

In an attempt to support the show as best I can, and because I'm a complete Officewhore and must have every eposide I can on my laptop or DVD so that I can watch at any given moment, I bought the one episode that I didn't have a file of from iTunes to see how it worked.

It's awful! It just doesn't seem to play. I finally got to hear the entire audio, but the video was like watching still photos. Were these made to be used with the iPod video and not necessarily on a PC or laptop? I had intended on purchasing all of the episodes, even though I already have them, just to support a show that gives me hours upon hours (sometimes watching THE SAME episode repeatedly) of entertainment and to let NBC know that people are watching and loving this show. But the file just isn't playing properly on my computer.

Anyone else having issues?
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