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I think this was by far my favorite episode this season. o.o!

Actually I am a first time poster here but not first time member. I've been lurking for the past few weeks. :]

So anywho. Yes this was my favorite episode. There wasn't to much on the Jim/Pam scale but that's not the only reason I watch the show. Teh Dwight accident was by far my favorite part of the show. I love how he gets a concussion, because I can identify with that...only I got a concussion playing kickball, of all things. -verylongstory-

Michael getting burned by the George Forman Grill is CLASSIC. I know I've got burned by stupid things (like sticking my hand on a burner on the stove!) but that was just plain STUPID. Haha. Poor disabled Micheal. I think the one thing I didn't like is he was being very assy in this episode. A really complete change from last week when at the end of the episode he was actually nice. :/

Other parts...Dwight being nice because of his little concusion. I didn't get it for a while untill I realized he had a concussion. Actually I think Dwight actually made my whole episode. That's it, yes. Everything he did made me laugh, and even my mom who thinks The Office is the stupidest show on the planet.

So theres my thoughts...rambled jumbled together and certainly not complete. :] Hope you enjoyed my first post. I'm also working on trying to get our DVD recorder to work so I can dub my tapes onto a DVD that actually works in our computer so I can make screencaps. We really seem to be lacking The Office screencaps. It sucks. :/
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