Mandy--some people find me amusing (shrixer78) wrote in theoffice_us,
Mandy--some people find me amusing

Fave Quotes from "The Injury"

A little late, but here are some of my fave quotes from "The Injury"

Michael: "Did you explain why?"
Pam: "No, I didn't mention that you cooked your foot."

Michael: "Please stop popping my cast."

Michael: "Do you know what it's like to be disabled?"
Phyllis: "I had scoliosis as a girl."
Michael: "Never heard of it--no. A real disability, not a woman's trouble."

Dwight: "Where are we going?"
Jim: "Chuck E. Cheese."
Michael: "I'm so sick of Chuck E. Cheese."
Jim: "We're going to the hospital, Michael."

**OMG you guys have brought up soooo many quotes...anyone know where I could find a transcript??**
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