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The Office: U.S.
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The longest running and main community for NBC's The Office.

Greetings! This is the longest-running community for the U.S. remake of the hit UK show The Office! 

| RULES | 

1. Please place all spoilers and spoiler images behind an LJ-cut. Spoilers are defined as anything from an episode that has not aired yet. This includes NBC promos, pictures, episode titles, and any media talking about future episodes. These are also banned from comments, unless the original post is marked as a spoiler post. If you fail to warn before you let a spoiler loose, you will get only one more chance before you're banned. Anything from an episode is considered a spoiler for up until one week after the episode has aired in the US.

2. Play nice. Harassment of members will not be tolerated. Neither will trolling, flaming, racist remarks, homophobic remarks, and so on. If you don't like what somebody posts, scroll on by, there is no reason to make a nasty comment. We all have feelings here, please remember that.

3. Any posts regarding the illegal acquisition of episodes will be rejected. NBC has a history of asking LJ communities involving illegal episode-sharing to be shut down, and they will do it. You can currently purchase The Office on DVD or watch episodes on NBC.com the day after they air. All previous seasons are also currently available on Netflix Instant Watch, including the recently-released season six. 

4. Please keep things on topic. Any post that is inappropriate or unrelated to The Office will be rejected.

5. Please do not disable the comment feature. If you post and make it so people can't reply, your post will be deleted.

ICONS: As of 9/24/06, icon posts will no longer be allowed in this community. We ask that you instead post them at our partner community theoffice_icons . Please see the FAQ for more information.

FANFICTION: Because there are many, many fanfic communities on LJ, the community has decided not to have it here as well. We highly recommend theoffice_fic or More Than That for all your fanfiction needs.

RANDOM POSTS: As of 10/29/06, all "random" posts will now go here. Examples of what a "random post" is: "I saw this guy who looked like Jim today!" or "I had a dream about Jenna Fischer!" or "This song lyric reminds me of Ryan and Kelly!". Another good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, does this pertain directly to The Office, or does it pertain more to myself? If the answer is yourself, it's considered "random." If you don't want to use our random thread, there is a whole community for random posts, office_stories .

RANDOM QUESTIONS: These include questions like, "What color are Jim's eyes?" "When do episodes air?" "Is there going to be a new episode this week?" "What episode did such and such happen in?" "Where can I find this picture?" These kinds of questions can be easily answered with a Google search or a quick perusal of one of the many, many Office sites on the web, so they will not be approved here. Please use your resources to find the information. If you don't know where to look, see below.


You can contact the mods by sending us private messages to our Livejournal inboxes. We are tunaeverynight, nrang328 andklutzy_girl . Don't be afraid to let us know if something is bothering you about the community - we want your input as much as possible!

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